Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting Ready For Kindergarden

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough"
-someone really wise

Some days I just want to throw the binder of check lists against the wall and give up.  Every little thing can seem like such a feet, this daunting summit stretching out for miles.  We don't just learn things, for Claire, it's a coached, encouraged, sometimes forced, effort to learn a new skill. 

I went to a getting ready for Kindergarten class this week.  It was encouraging to see that Claire has already accomplished so many of the academic standers or is well on her way.
  1. Know 12-15 letters and sounds.(she knew them all when she was three, thank you leap frog)
  2. Repeating ending and begining sounds
  3. Has a 5,000 word vocabulary 
  4. Counts to 20
  5. Shapes and colors
  6. Sorts
  7. Uses words that compare (working on it)
Social-emotional on the other hand, well, not quite there yet.  What's hard for me to swallow is that these are the things that are actually harder to teach. 
  1. Settles in
  2. Focuses
  3. Follows directions 
Yes, she does focus and follow directions but I know it's not to the same level needed for Kindergarten. It seems that these will have to come with time, good role modding (current NOT being provided by Makenna) and lots of practice.  As I relearn, for the hundredth time, that patience is my new middle name I am reminded of all the wonderful things we CAN DO, how far we HAVE COME and how much Claire really does LOVE HER LIFE.

I walk a tight rope but there will be an end if only to turn around and start back again, eyes always on another goal.  It's so easy to get distracted, discouraged and stumble.  Self pitty dances in the corners of my mind.  Laziness robs my attention.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Learning to live with gratitude is a daily challenge. 

Claire does love her life, isn't that the real goal?  I want her be proud of her accomplishments and continue to see the joy in life.  She is going to do what she sees.  I pray she sees me loving my life, proud of her, always encouraging and full of GRATITUDE.



  1. Patience may not be your middle name but "grace" is, ;)

  2. You're not alone! I too see the tasks ahead and feel overwhelmed sometimes. I do try to remind myself that it's the job of educators to teach and its the job of us as parents to reinforce the teachings, assist and encourage our kids and, as you say, make sure they are enjoying life. It's not that I think Pacey should get a free pass in life, but sometimes I wonder why I care so much that he keep! up!

    Your situation is a little different in that there wasn't an initial period of acceptance because you knew Claire for who she was from the start. I find though, that it's an ongoing process of accepting and adjusting and learning.