Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Closing Doors

If public restrooms were not yucky enough we were in a hospital, public restroom today.  I'm in a hurry to leave after successfully getting Claire on, but not in the potty with the paper cover under her legs.  It's a small victory.  She is so tinny that her legs slide perfectly in that gap at the front of the seat and yes, she has fallen in, a few times.  Before we can leave Claire must close all of the vacant doors. 

Claire loves to close doors.  I have no idea why and I don't think it has anything to do with Down Syndrome.  She is obsessed.  If there is a door big or small Clarie must close it even if that means opening it first.  Most of the doors in our house are always shut because Claire does hourly rounds.  Open cabinets, now that is just unexceptionable.  I can hardly get out what I need before she is trying to help me put it away. 

Of course toys that open and close are mesmerizing.  When we bust out the baby toys Claire abandons her own.  I always thought that was funny till I realized, they open.  Our new personal favorite, car doors.  We have to hold her hand extra tight in parking lots.  She doesn't want to run away, just open the doors.  Our van doors open automatically and Makenna has to race in before big sister shuts her out.  

We close Claire's bedroom door at night time and nap to hear when she wakes up because nine times out of ten she goes straight for it, open, close, open, close... She even figured out how to brake the baby locks so she can play, scary.

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  1. You're right, I think. I don't think that has anything to do with Down's I'm kind of OCD with open doors and cupboards. I used to drive Mom crazy because she would open the refrigerator door and turn away to fill up her arms with the things she was putting away and by the time she turned back, the fridge was closed

    (It let's cold air out and wastes electricity! And...it's just wrong!)