Saturday, July 16, 2011

Five Years

To be completely honest, part of me was dreading Claire's fifth birthday.  When she got to four and a half Nate told me, "you really have to stop saying she just turned four."  Four is small, four is preschool, but five, it's all writing and reading, they invite friends over and play team sports... I was afraid.  I know she would make progress but it's too big of a leap.

The big day dawned, Claire's fifth birthday and I was excited.  God has healed something in me this year because I'll admit it, the problem is not Claire, it's me.  Me wanting the perfect kid, me not wanting to explain when people ask if she is twins with our two year old, me and my stupid pride. We have a long way to go but there is change.

I want to shout from the roof tops, "my big girl is five!"  She has come so far this year.  Yes, she is not reading and totally regressed on the potty training but give credit where credit is due, she is a super star!  She is a joyful, active, talkative little fire cracker.  Claire is perfect. Happy Birthday darling girl.

The girls and I made "peter pan cakes" in a jar for Claire's Birthday.

Cake Batter 

 Makenna Scoops in rainbow layers.

 A little overfull, oops.

 Opening gifts

 A little whip Cream and sprinkles
 So excited for singing

Our beautiful big girl! 


  1. Happy Birthday Claire!!!!! You did get so big!! And beautiful... well you were always beautiful ;)
    love this post! Beautiful and honest.

    I love the Peter Pan cakes!!! Never saw those before. Is it as simple as it looks?? Where did you get the jars? I love it!!

  2. It is so easy! Just a box cake mix and food coloring. You fill canning jars (Safeway, wal mart...) half full and bake just like a cake. They just don't take quite as long, think it was 350 for like 20 min. It was a big hit!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Claire! Looks like a great celebration. I love the cake. What a fun idea!

  4. Thanks Tami!! it's on my summer to do list!!

  5. I'm looking back through some of your older posts and this completely resonated with me. My son will be five in November and I have the same thoughts circulating through my brain at different times. Those cakes are supremely awesome - and what a perfect name.

  6. Tami, do you grease and/or flour the jars prior to putting the batter in? Do the cakes come out easily?? I love this idea. So cute. Going to try it as soon as I know how to get them out of the jars.

  7. Noni, they are so easy! We did them in Ephrata with Mom. You just spray the jars with PAM, fill half way with cake batter and bake. We used open mouth jars and swiped a butter knife around the edges before taking them out, it wasn't bad.