Sunday, May 15, 2011

Up Date

We are going on three weeks now and all is well thanks to so really awesome help.  My parents and two of my brothers came and helped me with some big chores this weekend.  It was such a daunting task alone, I am so grateful. Alice got sick last week and a friend, Cassie came by and helped me out.  I'll say it again, I love my friends.  I have also had a friend coming to help ever week for a few hours with whatever I need, house work, yard work, baby sitting, thank you Becca! I The biggest help is just the companionship.  I love it when friends and family stop by.  I don't feel so alone and the girls love all the extra attention, thank you.

Claire and Makenna are doing better then I had imagined.  They ask for Dad every day but their not acting out because he is gone. Makenna is just so two and Claire was going through something before he left (major potty training back slide after surgery). Alice could be sleeping better but I am just grateful she is such an easy going baby.

Nate has been working so hard, flying twelve to fifteen hour missions at all hours.  He basically is working and sleeping.  If you get a chance, send him a facebook message.  He appreciates the encouragement so much. His prayer request today was to have the patience to handle a work problem with respect.

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