Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Lion Back Pack

Makenna sat at the front door in anticipation all morning.  "Makenna's school today!  I go to school! Let's go Mom!" She hollered through the house as I hurriedly went about my morning.

Some of the most important things I do for the girls (and for myself) while Nate is gone is carry on as normally  as possible and give ourselves little fun things to look forward to.  So, in that spirit I give you Makenna's first day of preschool. She is the language model at the Guild School in Claire's old class.  They picked the right girl for talking.  Sence we have been home it's "I ate yogurt at school.  I read spider book.  I sang with puppies..." she loved it!  

P.S. We got to Skype (video phone call online) with Nate this morning! Please keep him in your prayers.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Makenna's pigtails are the cutest thing!