Sunday, May 1, 2011

15 Minutes

"Fifteen minutes, are you kidding me," I exclaimed.  This morning I gotten my second call in four days from my deployed husband and the first call was maybe two minutes long.  Apparently we are only aloud two fifteen minute phone calls a week right now.  That was just long enough to let our two small daughters say hi and discuss the bills that needed to be paid.  Needless to say I am bummed out. 

Not being able to call is by far the hardest part of his deployment.  As the automated voice cut in "two minutes remaining" I heard my voice crack.  Not enough time to start the water works Tami.  Pull it together and say I love you, good buy.  

We should  be able to skype more when he gets settled, if we can catch each other on line.  This might be enough to motivate me to get a lap top with some of that tax return :)  Valid, right?   

I decided to blog in the month of May about being a military family.  Sense most of this blog has been about having a special needs child it'll be fun to mix things up.  I promise to try not to let this be a venting session or too much of  a downer.  If you read the blog please let me know, "like" it or even better white a comment.  The encouragement is greatly appreciated.     

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  1. Only two fifteen minute conversations a week sounds horrible. Praying for you guys! You are so amazing, Tami. And thank you for writing. I'm reading!