Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,
All five of us are ready for Christmas and wish you a joyful time with your loved ones. We are looking forward to Claire's first Church Christmas pageant (she is a cow) and Grammy's Christmas cookies.

We have had another wonderfully, eventful year. Alice Noelle Leitz made her long awaited arrival five days ahead of schedule and the snow storm, ada girl. She was 9 pounds of perfection, 21.5 inches long and absolutely adorable. Her first week has been exciting, especially for the big sisters who are clamoring to snuggle her all day long. 

Makenna is so smart and such a little talker, wonder where that came from? She is constantly cracking us up. Yesterday I read them their favorite book Lama Lama. It said “cheesy puffs and oaty crunch what, would Lama like for lunch? Makenna jumps up and exclaims “Ma-kenna pee toast please!” (That is peanut butter toast) too cute. We always know what she is up to because of the constant dialog with herself, “Makenna shoes off,” “baby sit down, time out, stay!” “excuse me Deacon” she says to the dog trying to get through the hall pushing her prized baby stroller filled with dolls. 

I can't believe how different Claire is this year! She loves dressing up, reading books and drawing. She is doing so well in her integrated preschool class. I could have cried when her teacher said Claire would be able to come back next year. She has so many friends who love her. We are so grateful, she is always playing with a buddy.
Claire also did her first season of Special Olympics this winter. She had a blast cheering on her team mates as they bowled, played T-Ball and ran threw the obstacle course. 

The girls learn so much from each other. One of my favorite memories is when Claire taught Makenna sign language. Makenna was a so little, she could hardly sit up and Claire would sit and "read" her books by pointing at the picture, signing the word then signing it with Makenna's little hands. MELT MY HEART! These days Makenna is teaching Claire to talk and still signs to her big sister. I can't wait to see them teach their new little sister all about life as a little girl. 

Nate is enjoying being a boom operator (in air refueling for the Air Force) with over a year of flying under his belt now. These days I think his biggest hobby is snow removal. He has been all over the neighborhood with his two snow blowers rescuing everyone. Nate has also been working on the basement. We still have a long way to go but it is looking great.

I started this blog in honor of Claire for Down Syndrome awareness month It was very fun to share and here from other parents around the country in similar situations. I am trying to keep it up now that October has come and gone so stay tuned for more stories for our family x5.

God Bless,
Nate, Tami, Claire, Makenna and Alice Leitz

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