Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Learded on Veteran's Day

Our first Veteran's day weekend together after the wedding I went to church alone because Nate was diploid.  Our church had a time of remembrance honoring our military members.  They played patriotic music with a slide show of people in the church who were in the military.  The music would cut out from time to time and a recording of loved ones remembering their Dad, Mom, husband... would play.  I was completely caught off guard.  A small girl's voice played "Daddy, I love you.Why did you go?  I miss you."  I thought I was okay with it all but the thought of how this would affect my future children had never occurred to me. Seriously alarming onlookers I sat in the back pew and wept. 

"Because this is Nate's dream and I want to support him in that" wasn't going to cut it any more.  I needed a bigger reason.  I prayed, crying out to God for wisdom.  A picture came to me.  It was of an eagle.  Bold, powerful, even majestic it soared through my mind.  I felt that God was telling me that this is what he made Nate to be.  Just as the eagle shows God's awesome design in flight Nate glorifies God by defending those he loves.

There have been really hard times.  Some days it feels like everything falls apart just as he steps out the door for a trip, and honestly sometimes it does.  Claire gets sick and weepy, Makenna gets winy and I just want a brake.  We are going to make it.  No, more then that, we are going to be beautiful in the eyes of God.  I remind myself that this is more then a job, more then a choice.  This is a calling.

Thank you Nate!  Thank you to all of our service men and women and to your families.  You sacrifice so much we can never repay.  WE ARE THANKFUL! I AM THANKFUL!

This Is My Father's World 
1.      This is my Father's world, 
 and to my listening ears 
 all nature sings, and round me rings 
 the music of the spheres.  
 This is my Father's world:  
 I rest me in the thought 
 of rocks and trees, of skies and seas; 
 his hand the wonders wrought.

2. This is my Father's world, 
 the birds their carols raise, 
 the morning light, the lily white, 
 declare their maker's praise.  
 This is my Father's world:  
 he shines in all that's fair; 
 in the rustling grass I hear him pass; 
 he speaks to me everywhere.

3. This is my Father's world.  
 O let me ne'er forget 
 that though the wrong seems oft so strong, 
 God is the ruler yet.  
 This is my Father's world:  
 why should my heart be sad?  
 The Lord is King; let the heavens ring!  
 God reigns; let the earth be glad!

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  1. Tami,

    After reading this beautiful post, I would like to send you a complimentary signed copy of my book. I had already set aside ten that I planned on giving away to women who I know deserve a "break" from reality for just a moment. If you would like a copy, let me know where to send it.