Saturday, October 30, 2010


We went to Special Olympics practice again today and then to the last farmer's market, super sad, and lunch in Coeur d'Alene with some friends.  Claire and Makenna were so cute playing duck, duck, goose, dancing  and running the obstetrical course.  They LOVED IT! Now everyone is taking a late nap, I just woke up.  It's been a good day.

It's funny, when the oldest has Down Syndrome everything they do is normal, to you.  Now we have Makenna and everything she does is weird. 

Claire has no concept of mine, yours, ours.  It can be good when it comes to playing with other children.  She really doesn't mind sharing when a toddler takes her toy, however other children don't feel the same when she wants to "share" their toys.  Like yesterday when we were playing at the mall and she started pushing a stroller, baby and all, away.  Or when she drank an Orange Julius that did not belong to her.I talked to her about it, for the millionth time, "not Claire's," she just looks at me like I'm nuts.

On the other hand we have Makenna who's favorite game is labeling.  She walks around the house "Daddy's shoes, Makenna's baby, Sissy's shirt, Mommy's phone, Deacon's water (the dog)..."

 I guess it just took me a little by surprise how different parenting them is.  Bribing Claire is futile!  She really could care less if she gets a gummy bear for going potty.  Makenna, man, a good bribes is golden.  We were having the typical toddler problem of taking the shoes off in the car, something Clarie never really did.  One day I told her "no more movie if you take your shoes off," (we have a DVD player in the van) problem solved.

In retrospect, bribing your children isn't the best parenting method anyway.

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  1. my parents brought me up with bribes, and legos