Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Too Much Kissing

We had exactly one complaint from the staff out of the first two weeks in Claire's new school.  She has been kissing everyone.  Ha, not a surprise.  Claire is so friendly and affectionate to EVERYONE.  It can be hard on those days when she decides not to sit with us at the restaurant and goes and eats off a stranger's plate.  Yes, it's happened more then once, she is fast.

I think that is one of the things I like most about Claire, she sees everyone the same.  I wish I could say because I have a child with Down Syndrome that I am enlightened and don't judged based on appearances but it's not true.  I need to take some advice from my four year old.

My whole family came to support Claire at the Buddy Walk this year.  Even my brother Brice and his wife Breanna who got married three weeks before and lives over by Seattle.  It was definitely a group photo moment.  I looked around to find someone to take the shot.  Conviction, I could hear the monologue in my head.  "Not that person, maybe, ya, she looks trustworthy.  This camera is expensive."  I hate that about myself.

I want the world to see Claire and her friends for the beautiful, talented people that they are.  I want people to see how they are so much the same if they would take the chance to get to know them.  How can I expect this of every stranger on the street when I do not do the same?  It starts with me!

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