Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tomato Street

We went to tomato street last night to celebrate my big accomplishment, blogging every day in October!  It was cheating a  little bit but I thought a Tuesday evening might be better then trying to go out to dinner on Halloween.

Makenna loves to draw like Mommy!

Claire can make a "C for Claire" 100% of the time, backwards.  We are working on counterclockwise.


The beloved play-dough, she said "green!" 

The problem with play-dough when you are hungry.

 Clarie traces the monkey.

 Makenna chooses a color.

 Claire and Mommy's masterpiece.

 Makenna is excited, food has finally arrived.

 Blow, it's hot!

 Makenna loves the meatballs, Claire loves the noodles.

My plate after dinner.  I may have gone a little overboard on the tomato soup and bread.  I did get an awesome lunch today!

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  1. Tami, your blogs have been wonderful. I thoroughly enjoy reading them and learning more about your life w/both the girls & the challenges you & Nate face each day. Hoping you'll still have time to blog occasionally even though your month is up. Congrats btw!! Good Job.