Saturday, October 9, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Claire, Daddy and Uncle Brice feed the garbage goat.

Claire's new tooth brush sings ":if you're happy and you know it." 

 Claire plays with babies in our "fort."

Claire LOVES dress up.
  1. Waffles and Syrup
  2. Playing kitchen
  3.  Babies
  4. Eating crayons (to all teachers dismay)
  5. dress up in Daddy's cloths
  6. Tortillas 
  8. The Disney  movie Enchanted
  9. School
  10. Dancing to the Wiggles 
  11. Boots
  12. Elmo 
  13. Gummy vitamins 
  14. All zippers 
  15. Kisses 
  16. Uncles
  17. Bubbles
  18. Singing with hand motions (Happy and you know it, itsy bitsy spider, 3 little monkeys...) 
  19. Slides 
  20. Grammy and PaPa's house 
More alike than different!

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