Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful For Down Syndrome

1. Because it is a basic part of Claire
2. Because it redefined beauty  
3. Because of the community it has made me a part of who I never would have met
4. Because it helped me to understand people who are different 
5. Because it’s brought me more tears of joy then I can count 
6. Because it’s helped me to be more sensitive to others needs around me
7. Because it’s encouraged me to look for the positive in life, in the little things
8. Because it’s caused me to be a little less arrogant about what I think I know
9. Because it’s inspires me to reach out of my little life and into the world around me
10. Because it’s brought forth a confidence in me that wasn’t there before
11. Because it helps me to see that it is going to be alright, God knows what he is doing
12. Because it brought out the advocate in me 
13. Because it helps me to be teachable and I have learned so much
14. Because it has helped me appreciate my friends and family
15. Because it has made me aware of stereotypes I didn’t even know I held
16. Because it’s what my life has been leading up to till this moment and now that I am here I don't want to be anywhere else

Inspired by a fellow 31 for 21 blogger, thank you!

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