Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank you Melissa

One Sunday not long after Claire came into our family I introduced her to a friend, Melissa and her daughter, also named Claire.  Melissa's daughter, Claire was four or five years older and very interested in Claire's feeding tube (as most kids are).  Melissa seized the moment.  She got down on the floor with the two Claires, showing her the port where food goes into baby Claire's tummy and explained how she has Down Syndrome.  Melissa told her daughter about how God made Claire a little different then you and me and she would do things in a different way but that she was so special and so beautiful.  They talked about sign language and tried to get little Claire to wave bye as they left.

I was so blessed by this tiny moment when a parent took the time to teach compassion to her daughter.  Melissa is not the only one.  We have had so many friends praying with their families for Claire.
Children would come up to me every Sunday at church and ask if Claire was eating yet because they had been praying.  Little blessings some times mean the most.  Thin spaces between us and heaven when our children learn to love people who are different then themselves. 

I know we will learn so much by loving Claire.  That my children and yours will be more kind and understanding.  Thank you Melissa and all our friends and family for taking the time to have these conversations and say these prayers for Claire.

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  1. Tami, isn't it amazing how we seem to learn so much more from our children than they learn from us? You are an amazing woman and I'm sure your parents are so amazed and proud of the woman you have become. Claire & Makenna are blessed to have you as their mom. Loving the blogs.