Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Day

It was pumpkin day and the girls were excited to go pick one out.  We went to the grocery store this year because at our trip to Green Bluff Claire was having a very bad day.  It didn't stop me from pumpkin doughnuts and carmeled apples but no picking pumpkins.  They didn't seem to mind we were not in a field although it does make for cutter pictures out on the farm.

 Makenna loves the pumpkins!

Harvest House Pumpkin doughnuts are so good!!

 Daddy helps Claire open up the pumpkin.

 Makenna puts together pumpkin head.  I loved this little guy because it gave the girls something they could do with the pumpkin other than just scooping seeds.  These were special oversize pieces but you could do it with the regular potato pieces from home.    Just poke the holes in advance and let them play.

 Taking out the seeds.  Yes, we toasted and ate them, yummy! 2 teaspoons melted butter, sprinkling of salt and bake 300 for 45 minuets.

 Cheese, my cute little family!

 Tami (Me AKA Mommy) carves the pumpkin.

 Nate "has to use a power tool."  Successful, however, a huge mess.  I guess messes are what pumpkin day is for.

Our happy pumpkin.

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