Friday, October 22, 2010

My Stereotype

I just love this picture of Nate and the girls! 

There are lots of stereotypes the come along with Down Syndrome.  The only one I knew of Before we got Claire Bear was that "children with DS are lazy and unmotivated.  They are sweet but they just want to hang out all the time." NOT CLAIRE!

I have been impressed by they way she has broken this stereotype even in her therapists and doctors.  They will often tell me how amazed they are at her activity leave and stamina.   

Even Makenna struggles to keep up.  Claire's Physical therapist, the beloved Dave, had a student for the last few months so Claire got the work with her while Dave used Makenna as a test dummy to show the PT in training what to do.  Makenna thought it was the best thing ever, like she had been waiting her whole life to join in and this was her golden opportunity.  It was all very funny to watch..  About twenty minuets into the forty-five minuet toddler work out Claire was just getting wormed up and Makenna was begging for mercy, "all done", "bubbles please" (they use bubbles as a reward).


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  2. What a great reward idea!! And how fun for Makenna that she got to be included.