Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making Memories

We are all living a story.  The question is, is it a good one?  Is the story my life worth remembering?  I was talking to my friend Meaghan about this concept last night.  We have been trying to think of ways to "enter into a better story" with our families.  In other words, be proactive about the memories we are making with our kids.  If you will, the scenes in our story.

Instead of just watching a movie together on a Friday night maybe we'll having a pajama party with popcorn and chocolate milk.  When I take the girls to the park I'll pack some sandwiched and our special blanket real quick for a picnic and remember a piece of bread to feed the ducks.We'll go to Green Bluff, take a hay ride, eat pumpkin doughnuts and pick apples.

In an effort to make meaningful memories we did a painting project together this week.  I thought I would share it with you and pass on the challenge, make memories! 

 Pick a quilt pattern and draw it on with a pencil and ruler.  Then tape off the negative space.


One tip, mix the colors that match your room and give those to the kids instead of directly from the tube. 

Let dry, pull tape, and paint in with a color that matches your room. Hang low so the kids can admire their work.

 My painting, just for fun.


  1. I have loved your Blog! What a great story you are living and sharing with other parents! Hope you continue to blog after these 21 days. And, when my little guy gets a bit older, I'm going to do this painting project with him!

  2. Love it!! We will have to do this!!

  3. I LOVE this! We will definetly be doing this soon. I'm thinking it will be a good Christmas presents for a couple of big time quilters in my family : ) Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. PS - what did you do it on, just paper???

  5. It is on canvas with acrylic paint. The supplies are not too expensive at Micheal's. Warning, it took a few washes to get the paint out of Claire's hair.

  6. Tami, what a great painting and a wonderful memory for the kids. Thx for all the blogs. I am SOOO enjoying reading them.