Thursday, October 21, 2010


Claire and the huge zucchini we grew this year  

At the end of foster parent training, PRIDE, there is a panel of seasoned foster parents who come in and share their unique experiences with the class.  One took teens that often ran away, one took kids who were sexually aggressive, one took kids who were openly gay... A woman, who is now a friend of mine, came to talk about her experiences taking children who are medically fragile.  I turned to Nate and said "no way," shutting my mind off to the speaker.

It's now my mauto, just tell God what you will not do and inevitably he will make you do it.

My Mother-in-law took Claire first and we were going to be getting her six year old brother.  When that fell through I put all the big boy stuff away and set the room back up for a baby wundering how long it would take to get one.  I sat on the floor of our unknown child's room and prayed for them and for us.  The phone rang!  It was my mother-in-law.  She wanted us to take Claire.  I had babysat Claire one time in the two months she had been with them and it was the scariest job of my life.  I am not medically trained to take an infant that sick I thought but how could I deny God's timing in it all.  I knew in my heart that this was his plan. 
We get it all the time, "Claire is so luck to have you"and "you are such good people for taking her in."  I appreciate the kind words but that is not why we have Claire.  She is not charity, she is our daughter, a part of our forever family.  We know that she is ours as much as this baby growing inside me.  God has entrusted us with this precious gift and we are the lucky ones.

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  1. I am so glad you decided to blog for the 31 for 21. I have loved reading your posts each day. You have a beautiful story to share and I hope you continue to share it every after October comes to a close. I admire your strong faith and I am inpsired by it with each post.