Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If She Didn't Have Down Syndrome

Little fingers and a chubby palms.  Sometimes it is hard for Claire to do things with her tiny hands.  She struggles to write, feed herself and pull up her little pants.  If she didn't have Down Syndrome she wouldn't have this problem. If she didn't have Down Syndrome she wouldn't have to try so hard in so many ways.

It is hard to watch your child struggle, to not fit it, to be misunderstood.  I could cry at the thought of all the trials she will face.  We fight every day to catch up, to not fall through the cracks.  Claire fights the hardest.  How will this life affect her?  Will she choose to be grateful or bitter?

It's a wondrous thing to be different.  Challenges can be embarrassed.  Most of us, myself included, spend way to much time trying to fit in.  Now, I like  the i Phone and Facebook as much as anyone but there is sometimes something disturbing about the little worlds we are plugged into 24/7.  I'm only seeing people who look like me, talk like me, act like me.  

Let's look around.  Do you like who you are?  Do you like what you see?  Well, I have good news for you.  You can change it!     

Claire reminds me, we were not made to all be the same.  We have gifts, challenges and talents hidden inside all for a purpose.  Quirky, cookey, crazy things on our minds.  It would be a shame to miss out on who God created us to be in an attempt to be someone else.

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  1. Beautiful Tami! You are my breath of fresh air and reality when I see your posts on facbook. Keep it up and I will keep reading.

    Amy Warwick