Monday, October 4, 2010

I Want It All

Claire and Riley helping out at the Buddy Walk 2010 

A few of my friends are also trying to write about their children through Down Syndrome awareness month and I have enjoyed hearing the stories.  They ring so true in our lives as well.  My friend Mary wrote about her son Riley. "I want the world to see Riley as a typical 3 year old but at the same time I want those that know him to understand that he works SO hard to appear so typical.   Is it possible to have both?"

Wow, I have been thinking about this so much lately.  It does feel like a double standard, sorry everyone.  Please don't baby her but at the same time understand that this is hard for her.  We are so blessed to have patient friends to cope with our double sided expectations. 

It can be frustrating living with a child who has a very poor auditory memory and I know it must be confusing for her as well.  We tell her to "stop opening the door" but the moment that she sees something interesting she has forgotten our request and goes right back to it.  "Clarie, WALK AWAY!"  And she looks at me heartbroken, what did I do?  On the other hand.  I know sometimes she knows and is just being disobedient, sigh. 

I guess the best way I can explain it is that she is four, but not four or three or two... she is just Claire.  Thank you for loving her as she is and for who she will become.

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