Saturday, October 23, 2010

Every Beautiful Word

Claire's feeding problems have been resolved but the aftermath remains in a significant speech delay.  Well, that a thick, short tongue and low muscle tone in her entire mouth.  It's not at all that she doesn't understand language, she is a signing pro but it is really hard for her to get the words out.  I thought it was weird that a speech therapist would work on eating with small children but it all makes sense when you think about it.  Manipulating your tongue, lips and cheeks to eat and drink are the first steps in learning to talk.  They will uses those same skills to say their first words.  I couldn't get Claire to swallow drop of milk until after her first birthday.

Every single word is like sweet music.  I love her little voice and her little gestures.  I must admit, even when she is saying "NO," her favorite word at the moment, part of me is just grateful she said it so clearly. 

We moved her into an integrated classroom this year, hooray, and have seen a significant increase in her speech sense she started there.  Nothing like some good old pear pressure to get her to talk.

Go Claire go!!

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  1. Those words will keep coming!! Keep up the good work Claire!