Friday, October 8, 2010

Claire's Best Friend

As I type, Makenna is blowing Claire's nose.  She puts the tissue up to her face and says "sissy, nose, blow"  then tells her "good girl."  They really are too cute for words!!  The two of them have taken to holding hands and running together through the house in a constant game of ring around the rosy.  The only part they can sing is "ashes, ashes, fall down."  So it's "Ashes, ashes, fall down"... over and over.  Honestly, I do not know what they would do without each other.  Get in a lot less trouble perhaps, but be board to treas for sure.  Nothing better then a sister!    

They learn so much from each other.  One of my favorite memories is when Claire taught Makenna sign language.  Makenna was a so little, she could hardly sit up and Claire would sit and "read" her books by pointing at the picture, signing the word then signing it with Makenna's hands.  MELT MY HEART!!  These days Makenna is teaching Claire to talk and still signs to her big sister.

They are the same size so we get asked every day if they are twins.  Probably because I enjoy dressing them in matching jackets.  They are two and a half years apart and will probably graduate from high school together.  I pray constantly that they will be able to maintain this special bond.  Makenna gets Claire in a beautiful way and Claire is so patient with Makenna's toddlerness.   
 Claire, Makenna and Mommy playing on the bed.

 Claire and Makenna do EVERYTHING together!
 Partners in crime!

 Swimming with Dad

Makenna and Clarie run and play at Manito Spokane, WA.

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  1. Tami,

    This is beautiful and so precious! I would love to follow your blog. Keep posting!