Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bad Bad Habit

When you have a child with a disability you get used to people watching you and asking questions really fast; or you should because it's inevitable.  Most people are very kind and what to ask how old she is because let's face it, Claire is a bit or a shrimp.  It is usually a really good thing and we get to share about Claire and make new friends nearly every day but then there are the bad days.  People in Wal-Mart asking me "is she retarded?" Seriously guys!  It happens more then you would think.

One of the reasons I decided to do the 31 for 21 Blog is for this.  A friend of mine asked me "I know it's politically incorrect to say retarded, so do they use the word Down Syndrome now?"  Forget politically correct, calling someone retarded is crewel and Down Syndrome is completely different.  Yes, it's a medical diagnosis but somebody tell me the last time you heard the R word, was it in context?  I'm going to bet it wasn't.  

With compassion and understanding I know it's not to slam my daughter every time someone throw out that words but please, please think about it.  It's a bad habit for most of us, that's all.  Lets brake it!  Your parents said it, now you say it.  Lets stop it for our children.  They will say what they hear.

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  1. I want to know why anyone says anything at all? There are so many different people of all levels in our world, and I cannot think of one time that I even looked twice at someone for any differences they have. That would be like someone looking at me and saying, "is blond your real hair color?" Some people just weren't raised to see the beauty of all of the differences we have as being a natural, normal part of life here on earth. A child asking something, yes I can see that. My kids have asked about all kinds of different people, and we have had the appropriate conversations about the beauty of differences. Because of that, if they met Claire, they probably would not see a difference. My guess is that they would see her as a cute little girl that they could make smile more easily than other little girls her age. That is just my guess. Of course, thinking about it, they have probably already met Claire! :)